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black green fan vertical

GreenFan Japan (White/black)


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BALMUDA’s GreenFan Technology generates two types of airflow from a single fan, changing the direction and movement of the air. Conventional fans move air using the rotation of a propeller, resulting in an uncomfortable swirl of wind and make you feel dizzy sometimes.

GreenFan Technology concentrates and diffuses the swirling effect of the fan’s airflow, transforming it into the natural breeze. A very nice natural breeze that you will feel it during summer afternoon.


– Made in Japan

– Swing angle: 150° (normal fan only 90°)

– Swing angle can be adjust anytime, pls refer to the video:

– Wind reach distance: 15m

– Lowest power consumption: 1.5W Highest power consumption: 20W

– 4 different speeds

– Low noise: 13dB


2 years provided by Balmuda Hong Kong